Violen p. 1

IMG_5774.JPGIt was a great day for Lenny because Uncle Tim found the time in his hectic schedule to hang out with him and his mom. Lenny was proud of his mom’s brother, Tim.

Tim was an accomplished violinist who had been performing in concerts around the country. Although Uncle Tim’s visit was only for the weekend, that was enough for Lenny because that meant that he had his favorite uncle all to himself. Lenny and Uncle Tim ate all day; and most everything they ate were things Lenny’s mom normally didn’t approve of.

Their adventures included a video game marathon that lasted for hours and a trip to the batting cages. Sunday evening was the highlight of the entire weekend: Uncle Tim taught Lenny a new song on the violin.

You are reading an excerpt from my 1st children’s picture book, Violen. Violen is a story about a young boy who has an extraordinary gift and passion to play the violin. I will be sharing a page or two a day. Follow along, and if you like my story, please tag your friends or share a link of this post. Thanks for your support. Image shot by Albert Montes and edited by me.

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