Violen p. 3

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The next morning, Len was so excited to get to school that he left his case at home and walked through the neighborhood while cradling his bare violin.  Usually, Len  counted the lines separating the concrete blocks on the way to school. He saw those same lines, but all that occupied his head was the song he learned the night before.
When he got to the campus, he showed his note from Uncle Tim to Mr. Trumbo, the music teacher. Mr. Trumbo was Uncle Tim’s friend and had thoroughly enjoyed having Len in his class. Mr. Trumbo told Len, “It’s gonna be Showtime for you!”  He promised Len that he could practice after school every Monday. Mr. Trumbo would personally tutor him and help Len master the song. Mr. Trumbo and Len exchanged high fives before Len went to his class to share the news with his teacher, Ms. Richards.
Notes: You are reading an excerpt from my 1st children’s picture book, Violen. Violen is a story about a young boy who has an extraordinary gift and passion to play the violin. I will be sharing a page or two a day. Follow along, and if you like my story, please tag your friends or share a link of this post. Thanks for your support. Image shot by Albert Montes and edited by me.

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