Violen p. 4

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Before he could make it to his classroom, some of the boys on the playground spotted Len with the violin, and without hesitation, began to tease him. They had always thought Len was weird because he didn’t play kickball or dodgeball with them.

They didn’t hang out with Len at lunch, before or after school. These boys continued to pile on all kind of names on Len, like “orchestra boy” and “Leonardo,” but the one they liked most was “VioLen.” They relentlessly chanted his new nickname until Len was out of sight.

To avoid further harassment, Len asked Ms. Richards if he could stay in for recess to practice his violin.  Ms. Richards showed Len one of her secret getaway spots behind the cafeteria. Len practiced at his new spot almost everyday.

Notes: You are reading an excerpt from my 1st children’s picture book, Violen. Violen is a story about a young boy who has an extraordinary gift and passion to play the violin. I will be sharing a page or two a day. Follow along, and if you like my story, please tag your friends or share a link of this post. Thanks for your support. Image shot by Albert Montes and edited by me.

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