Violen p. 8

audience glazed 1
As parents, teachers, and students began to fill the auditorium, the principal emerged from the curtains with a microphone in hand. He asked for Lenny to go backstage! The tall man met Lenny and escorted him up the stairs onto the stage. His classmates gazed in amazement and anticipation
as they saw their classmate disappear behind the curtain.

A still moment blanketed the audience as they heard a man behind the curtain laugh and call out Lenny’s name. The children in Lenny’s class leaned forward in unison to listen to the faint, muffled voices of Lenny and his uncle. The curtains opened and the audience applauded their special guest. Mr. Trumbo introduced Tim as the featured musician who then played his violin to begin the concert.

Notes: You are reading an excerpt from my 1st children’s picture book, Violen. Violen is a story about a young boy who has an extraordinary gift and passion to play the violin. I will be sharing a page or two a day. Follow along, and if you like my story, please tag your friends or share a link of this post. Thanks for your support. Image shot by Albert Montes and edited by me.

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