Storytellers Circle

Yesterday, my photo was chosen as the story starter for Grryo’s Storytellers Circle on Instagram. So you see the pic and here was the caption, “Storytellers Circle Every picture tells a story. Instead of a description of this image, let your imagination run wild and free! We want to read a few lines in story form you might tell to accompany this incredible shot by @joe_montoya.”

Here are some of the responses by the Instagrammers who participated:

  • “After many years of being a slave to the masses, Santa packs it in and moves to SoCal. After many failed attempts at trying to make friends with the local surfers he decides to pack up his pet crab and head north.” @mrmenellis
  • “As often as possible, when the weather was just right, William would take Charlie, his pet hamster, for walks along the beach. After being pent up in the house all week, the touch of the sun and the scent of the fresh, salty sea breeze was a delicious treat for them both. Sometimes William would let Charlie out of his cage to get his paws wet scampering along the moist, hard-packed sand at the water’s edge…but only at low tide.” @scotchp
  • “Seeing him again on the beach, the decades came rushing in with the tide. With a sudden clarity she recalled that this man has always loved her fiercely and entirely.” @klimekphoto
  • “This photo is making me laugh…”have you seen my pet? His name is belly button!”” @cassandra_1971
  • “That moment that you dream about but are least prepared for, running into your first love at the beach.” @iamakittehcouch

I really enjoyed reading the responses to my picture and being part of Storytellers Circle this week. It encourages me to get out there and take more pics. I am sure that there will be more stories to tell. Special thanks to the folks at Grryo. You can find them on Instagram and

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I have a family. I work with families. That's why I write about family. I'm a kidmin pastor by day, writer by night, delivery man for my wife's floral design business, and a picture-taker dude 24/7.

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