Finding My Audience

I am sharing my stories and poems on Steller now.  Finding an audience is not that easy. I had been on Backspaces and there was a wonderful community of creatives there from which I got a lot of engagement. However, once the app makers had moved on to other projects, the development stopped and now it has turned into a ghost town.

It reminds of being a freshman in high school. Do you remember that chapter? True story: I was loving life with my social circle of friends. I accepted a dare to run for VP of the freshman class and actually won, so I had an audience outside of my circle. This next part didn’t really happen but what if a “Backspaces” moment happened, and the school closed down and the community scattered? I would have to move and start over at a new school.

A friend convinced me to share my writing on Medium. That’s a great place as well, but it is very broad and full of established bloggers. I started reading, following, then posting my own content.

Back to our high school moment. You walked on campus of the new school and everyone who was not you was already engaged in life with someone else. You started looking for a former classmate or someone who was willing to lock eyes with you to start a conversation. That’s what it feels like for me and trying to find an audience for my content.

The one post I started on my WordPress blog first that actually got traction on Medium was titled “Lessons from my iPhone camera.” It got a half-thousand reads, and couple dozen re-posts, and a few followers. Does that mean I should blog more non-fictional content? There doesn’t seem to be much interest in my 2-minute stories and poems.

Back to our high school moment. Eventually you found a kindred spirit to link up, or you stumbled into a motley crew and after a while they brought you into the fold to do life with. The important thing is that they listened to you, especially when you spoke their language.

My first post on Steller, “She Calls Them” is a haiku about a surfer’s relationship with the ocean. The app itself is very similar to Backspaces in storytelling, and it already looks like a giant community filled with amazing photographers and storytellers. So it’s time to jump in, speak my voice, and find an audience there.

So I have a brand new backpack draped over my shoulders with an unused lunch card in my pocket. It’s time to find my motley crew: and hopefully a really big motley crew who is willing to listen.


Author: mrjoe

When I'm not busy with my churchy duties, I write, make deliveries for my wife's flower shop, and snapping pics with my iPhone.

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