The dangers of surfing (not really)

  I try to snap a few pics of people on the beach after I surf. The scale down the 30-foot cliff down to Dog Beach is not too difficult even with a board in hand although going barefoot can be a painful walk. I went last week when it was 48° in the morning and the sand and small rocks felt like stepping on ice cubes. I thought I wised up this time and wore my flip-flops on the narrow path down to the beach, but my slippers had no grip on the way down the face of the mesa.  I slipped and almost dropped my board. Doh! I shot this with my iPhone 6+ and edited with VSCO C4. 

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I have a family. I work with families. That's why I write about family. I'm a kidmin pastor by day, writer by night, delivery man for my wife's floral design business, and a picture-taker dude 24/7.

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