Painting 2016

2016 is your canvas. Let’s get painting! I used to not be so gung-ho about goal setting and making resolutions for the New Year, but as I am getting older (and hopefully wiser) I am seeing the importance of living with vision.

Waiting for something good to happen without a plan or action is just not viable strategy. I didn’t paint this picture of my friend, Rich surfing, but thanks to modern technology I was able to create an image that looks like it was painted. This surfer started off as a screen image I took from one of Rich’s YouTube surfing videos. When I manipulated the image I knew that I wanted the final image to look like an oil painting with deep saturated colors. All of my editing was focused on what I wanted this image to look like. Shouldn’t we live like that? Shouldn’t we have a clear picture of what we want, so our efforts can move us towards that picture? What is your vision?

See the visual essay here via Steller:

Author: mrjoe

When I'm not busy with my churchy duties, I write, make deliveries for my wife's flower shop, and snapping pics with my iPhone.

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