Throwback Thursday Thoughts

 My daughters and I happened to be wearing Chucks this day, so hence the pic of this moment. These Converse shoes have been around longer than most of us have been alive, so I think there are fitting to help bring us back down memory lane on this Throwback Thursday. Did you ever wear sneakers to a school formal dance or even the prom? When was the last time you stepped on someone’s new sneakers to break them in or were you the one who always got stepped on? Did you scuff up your new shoes on purpose? Anyone write on their shoes? What did you write? It makes me Chuck-le when I think of the stuff we used to do as kids. Happy Throwback Thursday!

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I have a family. I work with families. That's why I write about family. I'm a kidmin pastor by day, writer by night, delivery man for my wife's floral design business, and a picture-taker dude 24/7.

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