The Steps We Take

Navigating the journey through life can be tough. The stakes are higher when people’s lives are affected by your decisions. There are more than a few poor decisions that I wish I could jump in a time machine, go back to the decisive moment, and choose differently because it affected my family, or a friendship, or career. Obviously, only Marty McFly could do such a thing in his DeLorean.

Even when we do make the right turns, the journey is filled with detours and even road blocks to our destinations. Follow through, determination, persistence, perseverance, moxie, and gusto are all required to pair with the wise choices to overcome challenges.

Don’t you agree that the great achievements and blessings usually require a dogfight to get there? Being discouraged is a natural reaction. Staying there and giving up is a choice. Sometimes we are tenacious about the most unimportant things. I remember getting stuck in traffic for almost an hour just because I wanted to get to a certain ice cream truck. Yeah, for ice cream. Here’s a few thoughts that to help you along your journey.

Whatever it is; have a vision. Set a goal or some goals. Better than that. Set little goals that lead up to the big goal. Be prepared for the detours and road blocks. Don’t be all butt-hurt when disappointments come. Disappointments happen. Don’t stay there long. Move on. It always helps to have at least one cheerleader. Encouragement goes a long way. If people are tied to your decisions like, children, a spouse, and business partners then do it for them. Live beyond yourself.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Comment below. Since we are on the subject of navigating, check out my visual story about “Walking In L.A.” on Steller

Author: mrjoe

When I'm not busy with my churchy duties, I write, make deliveries for my wife's flower shop, and snapping pics with my iPhone.

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