What’s your special memory of summer?

The school bells rings one final time
Summer plans include taking their time
Vacation dreams put a smile on every student’s face
But Bailey can think of only one place

Her grandfather’s vineyard is just a bicycle ride away
She and her brothers pedal up in the morning to stay
Where Bailey can dream and make up her songs
Joining her brothers on walks when they let her come along

But her sanctuary is among the vines with a blanket on the ground
That’s the spot where Bailey will usually be found
With a journal well worn and a pen in motion
Where her narratives and melodies flow like an ocean

Penning tales of good fortune and meeting magnificent folks
Sharing them with grandpa and even telling a few jokes
Writing songs of beauty and dancing with heavenly creatures
She meanders through the vineyard admiring every single feature

Until grandfather calls for the kids to come in
Each day plays out like a beautiful violin
Sometimes friends visit to sing with her and play
This is Bailey’s Summer. She’s content either way

Grandpa says that one day the vineyard will be hers
He says she can sell it if she prefers
Bailey will never let it go she says- No way!
Because when that day comes, Summer will be every day.

Notes: Thanks for taking the time to read my poem. I took this picture while my daughters explored a vineyard which became the inspiration for this fictional poem. Summer is usually a season with many opportunities for great memories for young people. You may not had your memorable childhood moments in a vineyard, but everyone has one. It may have been visits to grandma’s house, a summer camp, or hanging out with a best friend. Everyone has at least one. What’s yours?

This poem can also be experienced visually on Steller.


Author: mrjoe

When I'm not busy with my churchy duties, I write, make deliveries for my wife's flower shop, and snapping pics with my iPhone.

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