At The Local Library

I am rediscovering the wonderful resource called the library. In the midst of information and content being delivered and accessed digitally, it is refreshing to sit down in a place dedicated to literature and read a book. I just started Holes by Louis Sachar.

Violen For Sale on

Violen can be purchased as an eBook for 99¢ and print book starting at $14.99. Thanks for your support!

Before iRadio

As we are moving toward listening content on demand more and more, it’s time to go back in time to see what tech was like a couple of decades ago. I am old enough to have interacted with radio programming in the pre-internet days. Eventhough I’m predominantly visual, I still listened to radio. Here’s a few things I did outside of just listening to music.

  • I listened to The Dr. Demento show on Sunday nights.
  • I read along with a storytelling of “Star Wars: A New Hope” on a radio program.
  • I used the cassette tape player to record music playing from the radio station.

Those were unique experiences. The explosion of technological advances today are exciting, and creative people are continue to make unique experiences. Still, I think not having access to media back in the day created an anticipation and enthusiasm that lead to nostalgic moments like the one I’m having right now. What are your memories from the past that cannot be duplicated today because of technology?

Morning Light

“But I have hope when I think of this: The Lord’s love never ends; His mercies never stop. They are new every morning; Lord, Your loyalty is great. I say to myself, “The Lord is mine, so I hope in Him.” The Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to those who seek Him. It is good to wait quietly for the Lord to save.” Lamentations 3:21-26

we simplify, we perfect, we start over

This was the opening video for Apple’s WWDC this past week. It’s simple and powerful. We simplify. We perfect. We start over. Apple’s take on design. It’s more than just a look. Where else does this approach apply?