Kids Need Prayer

20130730-153157.jpgI saw this earlier as I read through the take-home activity sheets we give to our children every week here at church. I was heartbroken to come upon this, and I thought of a couple of questions that I’ll pass on to you parents and leaders of children.

  • Are you praying for your children?
  • Are you praying with your children?
  • Are you teaching your children to pray?

Volunteering At The U.S. Open

20130726-102310.jpg My friend Wes asked me if I wanted to help him get paraplegic children to surf at the U.S. Open of Surfing at Hungtington Beach. At least that’s what I thought he said because I was “all in.” He picked up my boss, Ray and I the following morning, and we headed to the beach. Turns out, I heard wrong, and no children were involved. The surfers who needed help were former pro surfers, who had been paralyzed by injury, but are now participating in “Life Rolls On.” We ended up volunteering as a board catchers and retrieved runaway boards for the surfers. It was amazing to watch all the volunteers support the surfers by carrying them into the water then gang-paddling the surfers 100 yards out to the line up. Each surfer was then towed into a wave. When a surfer fell off his board, the volunteers swam to help the surfer float face up. I retrieved the surfer-less board, swam it back to the group, who then lifted the surfer back on his board and returned him to the lineup. It was fantastic teamwork, and these surfers were inspiring as they promoted their cause and their sport without the use of their limbs. Not only did we get to be a part of this, we also got to hang out behind the scenes of the event, and I met the founder of “Life Rolls On,” Jesse Billauer. Volunteering is rewarding, and provides for some surprising once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Photo Contest

20130724-072604.jpg My pic was 1 of the 4 finalists for a contest on FaceBook. I think there were only 4 contestants though. LOL! I enjoy photo contests. Thanks to The OC Mix for putting on the challenge and the highlight.

Lessons from a conference


I’m still recovering from conference hangover as I type this. I will spare you the details, but if children’s ministry is involved in a conference then that means tons of pizza. At least around here it does. With an abundance of pizza flowing over a period of a few days, bloating and gassiness are unavoidable. So, what did I learn or re-learn from a conference we just finished at our church?

  • What worked last time doesn’t equate to automatic success the next time.
  • Always have back-up plans.
  • There is no such thing as overstaffing an event for children.
  • When all else fails, have a dance contest.

Special events are always heaps of hard work and long days. The process is just as important as the actual event. I realize that Jesus loves me whether I think the event was a resounding success or miserable failure. The truth is… so do the kids.

Surfing Lessons

20130709-101551.jpg I tried shooting in Panorama mode with my son’s iPhone. It turned out distorted, I but had to capture my son as he studied the break before paddling out. I’m sometimes comically lame when surfing, but I love it. I’m learning some life-truths in the process. They’re not in any order of importance or sequence:

  • Always assess first.
  • Milk the moments.
  • Don’t do life alone.
  • Be patient.
  • Do things with soul.