Old Cars & Old Pics

20130829-110526.jpgIt’s taken a couple of years of owning a pocketable device that let’s me take pictures at any time (yes, I’m talking about my iPhone) to re-realize that I like old cars. I’ve seen this 1962 Imperial Crown for years parked in the same spot in Long Beach for years and just got to capturing it today. I must think about cars more than I am willing to admit because when I get the urge to buy a 99 cent Hot Wheels car I tend to reach towards the older model cars. I must have a thing for things of the past because I photograph with Hipstamatic lenses and film on my iPhone, which is basically the mobile-software equivalent of a vintage camera. I definitely like cars from the 50’s and 60’s although I’m not old enough to remember the experience of living in that era. I did see a picture of me as a toddler standing inside a red interior of my dad’s first car, a white 1964 Ford Falcon. Wait a minute, when was the last time I saw a white car with a red interior?… Amazing! I would love to jump in a time machine and drop into a studio to watch and listen to designers working on their concept cars. That won’t happen, but least I can see the results of their dreams and ideas every now and then on a street curb.

Snapping Dandelions

20130812-095310.jpg I need to work on the weeds in the back yard, including dandelions. This is my first time using a Flickr filter. I didn’t know the mobile Flickr app had filters. Cool! I snapped this dandelion with iPhone 5 native camera app, edited with VSCOcam and Snapseed apps. Added Peacock filter within Flickr.

Lighten Up



The heaviness of life can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep things light. I have a few thoughts about attitudes towards work stuff, projects, and in general, all the stuff we have to do.

Lighten your load. Prioritize the stuff that’s most important. Those may not be the things are a screaming for attention. Identify the most important things, and break them down into smaller pieces. Make your mountain into smaller hills.

Lighten your grip. There may be stuff you need to let go. There may be tasks or projects in your workplace that someone else can do for you or with you. Most likely, they’re better and more efficient at it anyways. There are actual tasks and projects that are waiting for someone, who likes that kind of stuff, to do them.

Lighten your mood. Make the most out of your situations. Not everything is enjoyable to do, but find ways to make tasks and projects a pleasant experience. My personal tip: play music… all the time.

The demands of life: home, family, work, business, public and private can rush you like a flood. Lighten up.


It was a good morning for fishin’

Left alone to his thoughts while looking out at the infinite expanse of the ocean and sky, this man seems so content. Fishing like this looks very therapeutic. What is your version of fishing?