California Adventure, September 2013

Here’s my shot of the day. I shot this with the iPhone 5’s native camera app using the Panorama feature. It was my 3rd time trying this feature out. My hand isn’t as steady as I thought it was. I cropped it and adjust the colors in Snapseed app. Having passes for the fam is not cheap, especially on my budget, but on nights like this they are well worth it.


Handspinning for #throwbackthursday


Showing off for #throwbackthursday handspinning on the set of Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo in 1985.. or 86. Due my lack of blogging skills, I didn’t know how to upload the YouTube video. That’s me spinning at 1:08 wearing the pink, yes, pink shirt and black bandanna. After doing this scene over 15 times, I almost barfed in the scene. It was a fantastic experience for me at 17. I got paid to dance! The director didn’t let me do my best moves, but who cares? I got paid to dance!  When the film was released, a dozen friends went with me to the theater to catch my 5 seconds of glory on film. How fun is that? I’m showing this to my son and friends right now. Good laughs.