A Conversation in L.A. part 1

IMG_0878.JPGA Conversation in L.A. part 1

The couple leaned on the fence overlooking the city. Oblivious to the older man dressed in his thick overcoat on a warm Los Angeles day, the two continued to discuss and laugh about the dysfunctional situations with work and friends as they gazed at the city below. The young man finally shared what he rehearsed over and over the whole week, “You know we spend way too much time alone together to be just friends.” The young woman turned towards her friend and smiled, “I was just going to tell you the same thing.” The older gentleman continued to enjoy his view and nodded his head with approval. 

Memories Go Round


His memories of this place were as vague as he chose them to be, but this day, this man relived this one a little longer. 

He sat on a wooden horse 35 years ago and watched his mother bury her face in her hands as his father walked away. He never saw the man again. 

His thoughts were interrupted by the laughter of his 2 children going around on their wooden horses. 

He clutched his wife’s hand a little harder and waved at his children,  determined to give them different memories. 

Thoughts Over Coffee


For the past few years, on every weekday morning, he sat by his apartment window to drink and think over his carefully prepared coffee. However, for many weeks he pondered life outside his urban maze. This day, in his quiet sanctuary on the 2nd floor he heard rural whispers as an image appeared on the surface inside his cup. He stared into his cup, picked up his phone, and called the office. He notified that he wouldn’t return for another week. “I’m not OK, but I will be,” is how he ended the conversation. Instead of heading to the office, he began to pack his backpack for his unplanned trip beyond the city’s boundaries to find the place he saw in a cup of coffee. 

Flowers in a Cup

She entered her apartment full of doubts: about herself, about everything. Her mind replayed the rejection and unkind words from those who roamed in her hostile world. Disappointment wore heavy on her like a straight jacket. Yet this downward spiral would end before it would rule the rest of the day. Her eyes gazed on the single object on the table. A long unloading sigh and a hopeful smile expressed her renewed hope even if it would be for just a few moments. He left her flowers in a cup. 


The 50th Time

IMG_0851.JPGEvery year, they sit in the same spot he found her 50 years ago. 50 years ago, they talked and smiled as they gazed over the waters and wondered about what could be. Every year, they return to the same spot to sit together. This day, 50 years after he found her at this very spot, they continue to talk and smile as they gaze over the waters.