Beautiful People


It is an incredible sight to see when people are in their element. When people have found their niche. When people are passionate about something and they chase after it. I believe that most people don’t realize how awesome and beautiful they are.  

Today’s Matinee is “Luv U”

luvufilmToday’s matinee features a love story between two professors from rival universities who in a once-in-a-lifetime set of circumstances meet at the beach and fall dangerously in love. “Luv U” stars @joe_montoya & @herecometheblooms in their first feature film. Directed by Joe Momma.

El Gran Queso


One of the things I get to do is work with kids. It’s a full-time gig plus. The job as a children’s programming director at a church requires long hours, weekends, and I am not likely going to become a millionaire from this line of work. However, it is a ton of fun. Sharing life and words of life to young people is fulfilling. 

One of my favorite things to do is help create characters and create content to bring humor in our programs. In the picture above is our facilities project guru, Ruben. After brainstorming with him about a character to introduce at a special event, Ruben landed on being a luchador. He took time on his day off to dress up as El Gran Queso and talk to the kids. 

I’m still working on developing his character and writing skits, so we can bring him back. The best part of the job is seeing the reaction from the children. Maybe I should write a story about The Big Cheese. 

Shot of the day

I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. Here’s one for the day. I’m standing on rocks looking at Newport Beach Pier. For those of you not familiar with Southern California- Los Angeles is 40 miles behind me and I’m looking South towards San Diego. 


I’m using an iPhone 5 native camera app in default mode. I edited this with VSCOcam B5.