Low Tide

“One of the best moments that can ever happen between a father and his son is that time when the father is just a “grown-up” kid with his kid doing something like walking around the rocks during low tide.”

Navigating through the tide pools, throwing rocks, looking for stuff, etc. and the quiet moments of simply being and being together help bond the souls of the man and his child.

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“On my 13th birthday I rode my bike to the boardwalk with a pocketful of quarters.” Read the rest of the story “Boardwalk” on Steller http://ow.ly/RwM8U

I truly enjoy writing and illustrating one-minute stories. Let me know what you think of my stories. Leave a comment below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Hummingbirds and Hawks

Version 2

I took this picture of a hawk on my roof just moments before it joined two other hawks as they battled crows in the air across the street from my house. Their cries were so high pitched and loud that they wouldn’t be ignored this day. My family and I studied these predators and were amazed by their power and ferocity. My wife noticed, amidst all this action, a hummingbird nesting in the very same tree where the hawks stayed.

Being the researcher that she is, my wife web searched this living arrangement and discovered that a certain type of hummingbird strategically nests next to hawks knowing that the hawks will eat the animals who pose a threat to the hummingbirds. I’m thinking of something very philosophical about this coexistence, but the simple truth of it all is that this hummingbird is one smart creature.

Bailey’s Summer 

The school bells rings one final time

Summer plans include taking their time

Vacation dreams put a smile on every student’s face

But Bailey can think of only one place

Her grandfather’s vineyard is just a bicycle ride away

She and her brothers pedal up in the morning to stay

Where Bailey can dream and make up her songs

Joining her brothers on walks when they let her come along

But her sanctuary is among the vines with a blanket on the ground

That’s the spot where Bailey will usually be found

With a journal well worn and a pen in motion

Where her narratives and melodies flow like an ocean

Penning tales of good fortune and meeting magnificent folks

Sharing them with grandpa and even telling a few jokes

Writing songs of beauty and dancing with heavenly creatures

She meanders through the vineyard admiring every single feature

Until grandfather calls for the kids to come in

Each day plays out like a beautiful violin

Sometimes friends visit to sing with her and play

This is Bailey’s Summer. She’s content either way

Grandpa says that one day the vineyard will be hers

He says she can sell it if she prefers

Bailey will never let it go she says- No way!

Because when that day comes, Summer will be every day.

Notes: This image was shot and edited on an iPhone 5 and can also be experienced visually on Steller


Illustrate Your Story

This is one of my latest photo edits to illustrate a story I wrote, “Flower in a Cup.” I am a visual person. I think in images. That is how I process information best, and that is how I express myself. I have been writing sporadically for over 15 years, but consistently not until this past year. I think I found my niche to share with the world through social media, and it’s quirky one-minute fictional stories. I really can’t draw, but maybe I should invest in pencils. For now, it is my iPhone and apps to manipulate my images to illustrate my stories. I love doing it and seem to be learning a few things.

Shouldn’t each one of us be illustrating our own story? You are unique and bring that one-of-kind flavor to the world. Without your flavor, life would be bland.

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“The newlyweds shopped for the first time since they said, “We do!” It was time to start furnishing their first apartment together.””

I wondered if my visual stories that I have been sharing lately actually fit in any genre of writing. I found out that it is called “flash fiction.” There you go. I write flash fiction.

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What I Learned From Camp

I went to Summer Camp again. I didn’t have the responsibility of running camp, so I spent some time studying behaviors of children a little more closely and here are a few of my observations.

  • Kids love to have fun. Fun, fun, and more fun. Eat, yes. Sleep when necessary. Fun is the number one factor.
  • Hygiene is just not going to happen by choice for 90% of boys. It’s just not.
  • Vegetables are good for you. I worked the food line at almost every meal. By Day 3 the kids that complained of stomach aches were not the salad-and-vegetable eaters. Teach your kids to eat their veggies.

Not a serious list, I know. Funny thing is that I don’t think that these observations would change much if my subjects were adults.

Summer Camp Memories

  I’m just hours away from going to Summer with a bunch of kids from church. What are your memories of going away for camp? Kids camp? Youth camp? Family camp? I can name a few. 

  • Scaling a mountain with ropes, but getting to the top in 3rd place. Twin girls made it first then reminded me the rest of camp that they got there before me. 
  • Falling into the lake while in a canoe. My friend purposely tipped the boat and Oh! that feeling of plunging into a lake that was 10 degrees colder than I thought it was. 
  • Dance night. That’s when I whipped out the moves I saw on Soul Train. Who remembers Soul Train?

Ok. Gotta go and watch kids make their own bullet list. 

Surfer John

I met this surfer man at dawn
who introduced himself as John.
Hoping for waves but most were gone,
so he kept chatting looking to bond.

I studied where he parked his old ride.
His car was filled with older things inside.
I wondered if his belongings could share their pride.
What tales they’d tell and secrets they’d confide.

John said that he lived down the street
I gather he’s says that to all those he meets.
He’s really a millionaire being discreet.
Looking for someone to sit in his passenger seat.

To take on adventures up and down the coast
Taking surf safaris that only few can boast
My theory is that he’s got pockets deeper than most
searching for someone he could trust and host.

Then again, he could be this guy named John who wanted to surf, and I let my imagination get away to share on this post.