After the Bliss

I enjoyed watching my wife bring her floral designs to The Big Fake Wedding this past week. I asked the wedding party to pose with the bouquets and boutonnieres, and after I saw this picture I got to thinking about what happens after the bliss. Let’s face it. Marriage bliss is not 24/7 except for the rare few who reside in some fairy tale. (And even in a fairy tale there is an evil queen/mother-in-law messing things up for the couple.) For some, it is not even 24 minutes out of the 7 days of the week.

Those habits and quirks that were once “cute” become irritations.  Gravity mixed with eating over time become bliss killers too. So what is a person to do when the bliss has become more like piss? 

Some of us have issues that go way beyond what a blog post can fix, but at least try this one thing to get on the road to a healthier relationship. Take the “i” out of “bliss” and replace it with “e” to make the word “bless.”

Be good to each other. Do good to each other. When you were dating or engaged, I suspect that you went the extra mile for each other. You probably did more kind gestures. You were probably more generous with your time and money. You were very likely more patient and forgiving than you are now. There was never a reason to stop being that way you once were before. I am not saying anything new. If you want your relationship to change then the first thing to change is you. 

Give it a try. Give it time. Let me know. Ok, time for comments. Chime in and be heard. 



A Wedding 50 Floors Above L.A. 

The Big Fake Wedding was a bridal show literally above the Los Angeles skyline. It was organized by wedding vendors for future brides and grooms to experience a “fake” wedding ceremony and reception. Planners, wedding singers, and photographers were among the larger group of vendors in action at the event. It may have been a fake wedding, but the work that went into was real. I experienced that reality firsthand because I assisted my wife, who was the floral designer of this unique event.

Before you see the visual essay, here’s a couple of thoughts about marriage. Most people spend way more time preparing and educating themselves to have a career or pursue a hobby than they would preparing for a marriage relationship that is supposed to last a lifetime. Take the time to prepare beyond the wedding for a life-long marriage. If you are already in a marriage relationship and want it to be better, then take the initiative to invest into your relationship. Isn’t your relationship worth it?

Check out “A Wedding 50 Floors Above L.A.” here


All Dressed Up

 “Who needs a Mountie? I’m Batman!” Check out my latest picture essay on Steller. I titled it “All Dressed Up,” and I think you will enjoy seeing how far people will go to get to Comic Con.


I don’t like to share cookies

 Sharing is caring

That’s what they all say

I have no problem with that

I can share all through the day

My time and my treasure

Are yours for the taking

What’s mine is yours

Except when I’m baking

Cookies to be specific

Their mine. All mine!

Just kidding. You can have one.

I’ll have the other nine.

I know it’s an issue

That I have to work on

But this time let me have these

Until they’re all gone!

Thoughts on Paper

 I can think of no better way to reflect than writing thoughts on paper. Ok, tapping on a keyboard is cool, but I like to throw in a doodle to two. Writing opens the doorway to express dreams and complaints and everything in between. Social media has expanded an audience as big as the world can fit, but hopefully you realize that many thoughts were meant just for your own soul. If you haven’t tried it, now is a good time to start. If you do then you know. 

Painting 2016

2016 is your canvas. Let’s get painting! I used to not be so gung-ho about goal setting and making resolutions for the New Year, but as I am getting older (and hopefully wiser) I am seeing the importance of living with vision.

Waiting for something good to happen without a plan or action is just not viable strategy. I didn’t paint this picture of my friend, Rich surfing, but thanks to modern technology I was able to create an image that looks like it was painted. This surfer started off as a screen image I took from one of Rich’s YouTube surfing videos. When I manipulated the image I knew that I wanted the final image to look like an oil painting with deep saturated colors. All of my editing was focused on what I wanted this image to look like. Shouldn’t we live like that? Shouldn’t we have a clear picture of what we want, so our efforts can move us towards that picture? What is your vision?

See the visual essay here via Steller:

9 Photos from 2015

I did the “my best 9” thing on the website that assembles a grid of any Instagrammer’s most liked photos, but the ones I picked on my own mean a little more to me than just the number of likes; sharing moments spent with family, clicking the shutter button at the right time, and meeting friends along the way.

Thanks to all of you who have connected with me over the years including 2015. I am looking forward to share more stories with you in 2016.