White feathered creatures
soaring over the sea’s edge
flowing with the wind.


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Their Unplanned Voyage

  “Whoa, get a load of that!” the voice announced as Martin and Cheryl looked up at the huge wooden vessel that docked in the place of where their weekend yacht used to stay. The couple stared astonished and enchanted at the same time as the deep and weathered voice bellowed out again,”C’mere me beauty! We’ve been waiting an eternity!” Cheryl without hesitation began to walk up the ramp towards the ship. Martin quickly followed her to the deck immediately looking for a camera and a television host with microphone in hand to reveal this elaborate prank conspired by his mischievous and resourceful neighbors at the marina. There was no such conspiracy this day.

As the two surveyed the deck, Martin and Cheryl found themselves unraveling the ropes that tethered them to the dock. The voice shouted more commands and a multitude of men shouted, “Aye aye, captain!” The sea of voices shouted back and forth like an eerie song, yet there was no one to be seen. As the dark vessel separated herself from the dock, Martin and Cheryl looked at each other with bewildered eyes as they both recalled that a couple and their yacht disappeared exactly a year ago. The last words that echoed through the marina was “All hands on deck,” and the couple and the unseen crew all grabbed scrambled for to their positions as the ship named “The Wanderer” moved towards the open waters.

Notes: Original pirate ship image shot with iPhone 5. iPhone 6 captured my friend Attila jumping at his Golden Rise Instameet last year. Edited with Union app and Mextures. 

Eternity Continues After Sunday

It is the day after Sunday. Most of us go right back to the daily grind after the weekend. Some of us have the Monday Blue’s and look towards Wednesday as the hump day because once we get past that day, the following weekend is within our grasp. Yet, I believe you will agree that there is more to living your life from weekend to weekend. Here is the question I believe we all need to ask ourselves, even the day after Easter. 

Eternity continues after Sunday. If you attended a church this past Sunday for Easter, you may have been asked to ponder about your course through eternity. Eternity exists whether you choose to believe it or not. Eternity doesn’t begin when die. Eternity existed before your yesterday. Eternity is today. Shouldn’t you be thinking of your eternity today?

“For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity.” ~C.S. Lewis

The Power of Influence

  I took this picture in the Summer of 2014 when Hurricane Marie grew into Category 5 storm as it hovered over the Pacific Ocean heading towards Baja California. Even though this hurricane was centered hundred of miles from this spot of the California coast it left foam on the beach as each wave powered by this enormous storm dissipated on the shore. We have the same potential to influence the lives of others; constructive and destructive. We choose. 

Remembering Marie

 The noise of the growing and curious crowd, tractors building berms, and news helicopters hovering overhead still couldn’t drown out the sound of the massive waves produced by Hurricane Marie, which churned into a Category 5 storm in the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles off the coast of Baja back in the late Summer of 2014. 

Lifeguards tried their best to close one section of this local beach to keep the crowds safe as the moving machines made small hills of sand to protect the homes in the crosshairs of the mighty waves.

Marie produced the surf event of a lifetime to the coast of Southern California. Instead of the usual 1-2 foot waves the locals were used to at this beach, this storm created waves 10-15 feet. More popular surf breaks along the coast were getting pounded by 20 and up to 30 foot giants.

And the surfers came. They came on the biggest day. They dreamed about this day; years for some. Many were literally in over their heads and left injured, exhausted, and disappointed. News circulated quickly that a fellow waterman lost his life that day. They underestimated the power of Marie.

The people kept coming the days that followed. Most came to marvel at one of the most powerful natural forces known around the world. Some came to ride giants. They all came to experience the force of Marie.

A Song For Her

I sat alone in silence
until my soul was clear
I picked up my instrument 
and sang for someone dear 

Closest to my heart 
A space reserved for only one
Trying to write a song night after night 
adding words into a meaningful sum

Playing this worn guitar
I found at a garage sale 
Strumming the few chords I know
when my voice fails

Yet I sing in my room
as if you were here 
A neighbor listened and sang her own 
as my words resonated to all who would hear

The lyrics are complete 
It’s time to let you hear me play
this song to win your heart 
and convince you to stay 
for a lifetime. 

Dedicated to my lovely wife, Shellet. Thanks for reading.

Wisdom from a Surf Session

When I go to the beach I usually have my phone with me to take pictures of whatever is going on at the time. The pictures can be of people walking on the beach, birds harassing someone trying to enjoy a lunch, and surfers.

This day, I saw Lloyd playing around in small surf. Lloyd is well respected around here. He is an masterful surfer and has been at the local breaks for 5 decades. The surf this day was really small. It was so small that the water barely slapped at the knees. It was so small that most surfers looked from the parking lot and drove away in search of something more significant. It was so small that most of the surfers in the water waited in the lineup for a set of waves worthy of the wait.

Lloyd waited yards closer to the beach. That’s where the waves were even smaller. He caught a lot of waves. It seemed like he was riding one every 2 to 3 minutes. He paddled into one, squat down, then stood up and effortlessly stepped toward the front of his long board. His toes gripped the front end of his board and he kept going as if he was never going to run out of water. On another wave he caught it “backwards.” His board was pointing out to the ocean, and as he caught the wave, Lloyd shuffled his feet and rotated his board 180 degrees as he set up his next move. It was like watching an artist paint on the pier of the beach for people to admire.

Just like some surfers wait for the big set of waves to ride, we can be guilty of the same approach and disdain the “small” stuff. Lloyd catches the “little” waves and turns them into treasure. He turns them into works of art. We all know that person who claims that when he “hits the big time” he’ll do something noble like help out the homeless but isn’t currently making the time to volunteer at a shelter. Think about what you do now and don’t get caught up if it is a small thing. Take your little wave and make is something meaningful.