Living with Spam

 Modern day technological advances comes with modern day crap, and there is no more crappier crap I know of than spam. 

I’m old enough to have experienced the daily junk mail piling up in my mailbox before the advent of electronic mail. (I see the junk piling up in my email inbox as I type this.) Today, spam is everywhere I go on social media. 

Within the span of a few hours of going through my email inbox or browsing though My Twitter feed, I will be informed that I qualified for a student loan of an online college, can make money making deposits for a prince from an African empire, earn an iPhone for completing a 20-minute survey, can talk to a lonely supermodel in Russia, and buy a bot to gain more followers. Of course. 

On top of that- businesses and individuals are paying for programs to build their followers and even make a buck. These social media bots they use are designed to create fake friends, automate likes, followings, and even comments. It’s disengenuous and just made me type out another paragraph of this rant. 

Oh, my First World frustrations and yes, I continue to interact in this world. Read my pictorial version of my rant on Steller

P.S. Don’t worry (edible) Spam lovers. I like my Spam with rice and eggs sunny-side up.