Christmas Lights the way

We hang them with hope
To illuminate these nights
Christmas lights the way

How do Christmas lights not bring out the child-like wonder in you? And a smile that reveals someone lost in the memory of Christmases past. Inspiring you to keep traditions passed down from your parents. Motivated to start new traditions. This Christmas, challenge yourself to go beyond yourself and share that light. Be an example for your children. You can volunteer at the local food bank or the children’s hospital. We can have real hope because Jesus, the Light of the world chose to reach out to us.

Yoda’s Thoughts on Christmas

img_3293“You must unlearn what you have learned.” ~Yoda

Wise words from Pop Yoda. Just like most things, we are heavily influenced by media and the pressure is on to make all the Christmas the best one ever for your family. You have to ask yourself a couple of questions to keep a clear head and a clean heart about this holiday. If getting all the decorations and presents are going to put me in debt, then is it worth it? If all this running around is going to temporarily make me a maniac, then is it worth all the trouble? If this is what you learned to accept to be acceptable, then it’s a good time to start unlearning what you learned.

Pop Yoda’s Thoughts on Christmas Shopping 

“Waiting til December 24 to shop for your loved ones. A Jedi shops not this way. That is why you fail,” says Pop Yoda.

While at the local store, I saw a man in front of his own children chew out an elderly man just because he couldn’t get out the way fast enough.

Even if this man is not Christmas shopping, he should know better that this is the busiest time of the year to be at a store. He provided the perfect example to his children of how to be a disrespectful, self-centered, Scroogey  bully.

If you are not into the Christmas spirit, then stay at home and let those who revel in this last-minute madness enjoy their moment. It will be over soon.

“Be of good cheer you must,” says Pop Yoda. Be of good cheer.