Thinking of Disneyland

 I live close enough to ride my bike to the “happiest place on Earth,” yet have not been there for months. I had passes for my family but let them expire. As much as I like to play, it just got too expensive.

We will return Disneyland soon! I have literally hundreds of photos I have taken over the years with either my phone.  Here is my visual essay about the magical place in Anaheim, California.

California Adventure, September 2013

Here’s my shot of the day. I shot this with the iPhone 5’s native camera app using the Panorama feature. It was my 3rd time trying this feature out. My hand isn’t as steady as I thought it was. I cropped it and adjust the colors in Snapseed app. Having passes for the fam is not cheap, especially on my budget, but on nights like this they are well worth it.