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“On my 13th birthday I rode my bike to the boardwalk with a pocketful of quarters.” Read the rest of the story “Boardwalk” on Steller

I truly enjoy writing and illustrating one-minute stories. Let me know what you think of my stories. Leave a comment below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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“The newlyweds shopped for the first time since they said, “We do!” It was time to start furnishing their first apartment together.””

I wondered if my visual stories that I have been sharing lately actually fit in any genre of writing. I found out that it is called “flash fiction.” There you go. I write flash fiction.

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A Flower In A Cup

She entered her apartment full of doubts. Doubts about herself. Doubts about everything. Her mind replayed the rejection and unkind words from those who roamed in her hostile world. Disappointment wore heavy on her like a straight jacket. Yet this downward spiral would end before it would rule the rest of the day. Her eyes gazed on the single object on the table. A long unloading exhale and a hopeful smile expressed her renewed hope even if it would be for just a few moments. He left her a flower in a cup.

Notes: A simple gesture can help someone survive the day. I found this old shot in my DropBox. I must’ve shot it with a red gel preset on Hipstamatic app with my iPhone. Edited with Snapseed and Color Splash apps. 

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After the school bell rang, the self-proclaimed wand-wielding wizard walked across the baked asphault ground to lure an audience together to hear about his recent adventures…

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The Once A Year Game 

Every year the day after Christmas, the man and his young son chose a video game to play that would last the entire night until the crack of dawn. They ate their favorite snacks and sodas to sustain them during the hours their bodies begged for sleep. This tradition carried on for a handful of years, but the father’s enthusiasm waned. The father grew too busy not only the day after Christmas but every day. Not many Christmases had gone by when the young son became a young man who had to convince his father every year to continue their video game. 

Eventually, the young man became an older man who “forgot” about the game played just once a year. The father would stare at his son’s old video game controller, pick up the phone, and leave a message for his son as a reminder of their annual game. 

Once a year and every year the day after Christmas, the father plays that same video game until the wee hours of the morning, heavily caffeinated to survive the night. He plays alone, all the while believing that his son will finally return home to play the game.

Today’s Matinee is “Luv U”

luvufilmToday’s matinee features a love story between two professors from rival universities who in a once-in-a-lifetime set of circumstances meet at the beach and fall dangerously in love. “Luv U” stars @joe_montoya & @herecometheblooms in their first feature film. Directed by Joe Momma.

A Conversation in L.A. Part 3

A Conversation in L.A. Part 3

IMG_0913.JPGThe lady and her two fellow servicemen left the military base to hang out at a new juice bar in the city for lunch. Oblivious to the customer standing in line next to them, the three soldiers continued their conversation that started in the car as they drove from the business office to get lunch. The young woman updated her co-workers with the latest episode with her male friend. “He finally told me that we spend way too much time together to be just friends,” she shared. One co-worker quickly questioned, “You were planning to say the same thing; weren’t you?” The young lady chuckled, “Yes! Now will you let me tell you the story?” “Go on,” her other friend conceded, “but didn’t we tell you this was going to happen exactly word for word?” The man waiting in line smiled with approval of what he just heard.

A Conversation in L.A. Part 2

IMG_0876.JPG The two men sat across from each other in their favorite Korean spot in the city. Oblivious to the three ladies sitting next to them, the two continued their conversation that started as they walked from the office to get lunch. The young man updated his co-worker with the latest episode with his female friend. “I finally told her that we spend way too much time together to be just friends,” the young man shared. His co-worker quickly responded, “And she said that she was going to say the same thing!” The young man chuckled, “Yes! Now will you let me tell you the story?” “Go on,” His friend conceded, “but didn’t I tell you this was going to happen exactly word for word?” The three ladies smiled and covertly switched their conversation to Korean to discuss their approval of what they just heard.

Notes: This is post #2 of a 3 part story and maybe more parts in the future if I can stay focused long enough. Read this story and more at