Behind the Scenes

A few months back I wrote about observing my wife, Shelley from Here Come The Blooms and other wedding and event professionals as they worked behind the scenes to do a styled photo shoot that was published in Strictly Weddings. I couldn’t resist doing a photo essay on Steller.

When people do what they love to do

I sneaked in a little shot with my wife’s iPhone, but click on this link by Strictly Weddings to see this styled shoot in its full glory by a professional photographer. I love it when I get to see people doing and thriving in what they are passionate about, and this time I got a chance to see my wife, Shelley from Here Come The Blooms in action.

Shelley got the opportunity to do the flower design from Pam of Love.Anne.Joy | Design + Events , and Pam did an incredible and elegant job putting this together. Jeremy Chou Photography​ captured this gorgeous styled shoot with images that are timeless and beautiful.

I caught the last hours of this shoot. I saw people flow in their talents together, and I witnessed all of the pieces come together like an intricate puzzle. It’s truly a labor of love, which took a lot of labor, time, patience, coordination, and attention to all the details that turned this moment into a lovely-something that is now showcased by Strictly Weddings​.

I didn’t get to meet everyone besides Vivian Tran Makeup​ (Beautiful work Vivian!) but to all the talented vendors and agents who made this possible, I was floored and inspired by watching people do what they love to do.

So the question is, “What is it that you love to do?” What is your labor of love?

Framing Her Flowers

My wife, Shelley started her floral design business a few months ago. She had always wanted to put her education and passion for design into action and landed on florals. Shelley recently got picked up by a network, and they provide a professional photoshoot for her online catalogue. Up to this point, it has been me with my iPhone 5 and VSCO app.

It’s time to quickly move forward with this. I’ll need to invest in lights and make a giant light box for all of my wife’s designs. As much as I love my iPhone 5, upgrading to a 6 or 6Plus will be a significant improvement. The other option would be to finally get a DSLR, but for now my budget is minimal. After discussing with my wedding photographer buddy, sounds like wisdom to get more bang for my buck by getting a new iPhone. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it.