Thoughts Over Coffee

For the past few years, on every weekday morning, he sat by his apartment window to drink and think over his carefully prepared coffee. However, for many weeks he pondered life outside his urban maze. This day, in his quiet sanctuary on the 2nd floor he heard rural whispers as an image appeared on the surface inside his cup. 

He stared into his cup, picked up his phone, and called the office. He notified that he wouldn’t return for another week. “I’m not OK, but I will be,” is how he ended the conversation. Instead of heading to the office, he began to pack his backpack for his unplanned trip beyond the city’s boundaries to find the place he saw in a cup of coffee.

Thanks for reading my 1-minute fictional story. I wrote it a couple of years ago on and breathing new life to it on my blog. Please comment below and share your thoughts on this story. I appreciate your feedback.

A Song For Her

I sat alone in silence
until my soul was clear
I picked up my instrument 
and sang for someone dear 

Closest to my heart 
A space reserved for only one
Trying to write a song night after night 
adding words into a meaningful sum

Playing this worn guitar
I found at a garage sale 
Strumming the few chords I know
when my voice fails

Yet I sing in my room
as if you were here 
A neighbor listened and sang her own 
as my words resonated to all who would hear

The lyrics are complete 
It’s time to let you hear me play
this song to win your heart 
and convince you to stay 
for a lifetime. 

Dedicated to my lovely wife, Shellet. Thanks for reading.

Thank God For Rain


Due to a severe drought in California the “Rain, rain, go away” song is now banned. “Rainbow” and “Double Rainbow” songs are accepted.

I shot this with an iPhone 5, using Hipstamatic app: Florence lens with BlacKeys XF film. 

Beautiful People


It is an incredible sight to see when people are in their element. When people have found their niche. When people are passionate about something and they chase after it. I believe that most people don’t realize how awesome and beautiful they are.  

Today’s Matinee is “Luv U”

luvufilmToday’s matinee features a love story between two professors from rival universities who in a once-in-a-lifetime set of circumstances meet at the beach and fall dangerously in love. “Luv U” stars @joe_montoya & @herecometheblooms in their first feature film. Directed by Joe Momma.

Shot of the day

I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. Here’s one for the day. I’m standing on rocks looking at Newport Beach Pier. For those of you not familiar with Southern California- Los Angeles is 40 miles behind me and I’m looking South towards San Diego. 


I’m using an iPhone 5 native camera app in default mode. I edited this with VSCOcam B5.