Flashback Friday: The Days of Pre-Internet Radio

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Just the other day I thought of a song from my high school days and picked up my phone, did a search, and started playing the song not even a minute after I finished my thought. As we are moving toward listening content on demand more and more, I rewinded the clock 30 plus years.

Who remembers what tech was like a just a few decades ago? Were you the one who would wait by the radio anticipating when your favorite song was going to play on your favorite radio station? Was it a stereo, alarm clock radio, or portable radio with the antenna fully extended and turn a certain angle to get the best reception?

Being from the cassette tape generation, I was tried my best to be within arm’s length to my portable stereo (or was it a cassette deck sitting next to a radio) to press the play and record buttons to record the song off the radio. Because the DJ was talking to intro the songs, most songs weren’t recorded until a few seconds into the song.

I used to wait around in my room on Sunday nights to listen to “The Dr. Demento Show” on KROQ. I sing along with the “Fish Heads” song and anything Weird Al. Another thing I did was read along with a storytelling of “Star Wars: A New Hope” on a radio program. I don’t know how I found out about it, but I borrowed a book from the library to follow along as the story was read over the radio.

Those were unique experiences. The explosion of technological advances today are exciting, and creative people are continue to make unique experiences. Still, I think not having access to media back in the day created an anticipation and enthusiasm that could be put the “Good Times” drawer of my memory bank for future nostalgic moments like the one I am having right now.

What are your memories from the past that cannot be duplicated today because of technology? I think the more important question is how do you create unique experiences for yourself? for your family? for your business team? for your church community? for your friends?

Comment below and of course I am open to your suggestions for my 80’s playlist too!