Sharing Hot Wheels

I showed my buddy, Mike my latest Hot Wheels find after I shot this (yes, I buy Hot Wheels.) When Mike said that it was the coolest Hot Wheels that he had seen in a while, I gave it to him. He responded with bear hug tight enough to make a bear pass out. When my 10-year old daughter saw this picture on my phone she asked where was that Hot Wheel, and I told her that I gave it to my friend. After a thoughtful pause, she grinned and asked, “You gave a grown-up a toy?” I had a similar thoughtful pause, smiled back and responded, “Yes, I did.” Maybe, I should do that more often. I could be like one of Santa’s little brown elves handing out toys to grown ups. “Sharing is caring” is what we tell the kiddos. There’s no age limit to that saying. Don’t you agree? Make it a great weekend everyone!