My Gallery

I didn’t realize the importance of having a hobby until just a few years ago. Is it supposed to take over your life? No. It should enhance your life and be that space to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  It is even better when your hobbies help you in your endeavors. Some years ago, Apple Inc. figured out the importance of having a decent camera on phone. At that point, I discovered that I love to take pictures and edit them.  Today, I use the images I capture and edit to illustrate my writing. My childhood friend and now professional wedding photographer taught me about the rule of thirds and some basics of good lighting. The rest I learned from a few generous photography sites on the web and some friendly artists on Instagram.  I currently shoot with an iPhone 6+ and usually edit with the VSCO and Snapseed apps. These photos are in reverse chronological order, and you might see them on my blog.

What is it that you like to do that is fun for you?

3 of my favorites of 2015 were from the Golden Rise Meet a few months ago.

There’s something about people in black & white

I shoot all day and everyday and try to mix it up with my writing. All iPhone 5. Hipstamatic and VSCO are my go-to apps.

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