The Violen Project

violen and violin

I self-published a children’s book a couple of years ago. Violen is a story about a young boy who has an extraordinary gift and passion to play the violin. It is beautifully illustrated with mobile photography. Most of the images were captured by Albert Montes and edited by me (both with iPhones.) This was my first published work, but at this time is not available for purchase. Read the update below.
This story is targeted at young readers from 8 to 12 years old, and the wider audience includes anyone who loves a short story and photography art. I believe that the story of Violen fits our culture of modern communication, and still stays true to the timeless storytelling themes of the sense of belonging, redemption (who doesn’t like a good ending?) and getting help along the way to that good ending. The Violen Project is the combination of mobile photography illustrating a fictional narrative.

(Update. December 2014) To be good to my word to the young man who allowed himself to be photographed, I re-edited the photos for his identity to be obscure. The re-do of the book is redirecting me to a longer route to get this story out. As of now, I am the middle of a reboot towards publishing the story a second time as a hardcover book and an eBook as well. Below are excerpts of reviews from the 1st edition of this story.

“Touching short story masterfully illustrated with Hipstamatic photography.”
Samuel Gasc, Curator of #MakeBeautiful for HipstaChallenge


“It is a heartwarming story of talent, passion, friendship, and family.  Not only a great book for parents to read with their children, but also a wonderful addition to the classroom setting.  I highly recommend for teachers to share Violen with their students, as everyone has been Lenny at one time or another.  The reflection and conversation this book will spark with children is one that we can’t seem to have enough of these days.”
Nicky Sanford, Editor of PhotoCruncher


“Great to see @BackspacesApp #fiction writer @joe_montoya in print.”
Dani Salvadori, Curator of #Fiction for Backspaces


This beautiful book is a collaboration of words and images created through mobile photography which tells a moving story of a young boy and his dream to become a volinist. It is not only for children, even adults can learn a thing or two from it.
Kasia Piekut, Digital Account Executive, Mark-Making

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